Monday, May 22, 2006

New Spector

It's here!!!! I finally got it! The wait actually wasn't too long - PJ promised June - and I got it a month early. . . Thanks PJ!!

This is my new Spector bass.

It's a Rebop - > officially titled a Euro 4 DLXFM in Black Cherry, non-burst. It's really a beutiful bass, plays exactly like a dream. There is really nothing wrong with it - I absolutely love it!!

Here's a couple photos - enjoy!!

This photo is much better:

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shawn's Guitars

We had a gig at Shawn's Guitars - really cool that Shawn is opening up his music store to have bands come play. Really helps out the scene - and although it's not a paying gig - it's a great way for us to build our local fan base. Folks can come check out bands - not much cash - and we had 4 different bands! It was a great show - and we had a blast.

Thanks to the bands - Ascension, Predicate, 7th Overture and us - StrangeLand.

Here's a couple shots I got on my cell - yeah, forgot the camera - of the band 7th Overture - a great prog-metal band from Pekin:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dragonforce live in Chicago

Dragonforce - a huge band from the UK - getting rave reviews, and selling out shows all across the USA and Europe. This was a great chance to see a newer band in a smaller setting - with a great show. The band was fantastic, really into the show - lots of jumps, running across stage, interacting with the audience during the entire show. They really love what they do. This ranks up there with the top concerts I've attended...

Some live shots I took with my phone camera - it's a RAZR v3c - so they aren't pro shots by any stretch - but give you a small idea. . .


Dragonforce 2


Dragonforce 3