Saturday, June 04, 2005

StrangeLand CD

We finally got some more cd's in - I know there were some folks waiting for these - me especially. It's kind of a pain to try to promote the band, and then ask if it's ok to send a burned copy. "The guys said it was ok, so can I send you a CD-R?" Very cheesy.

Those days are gone now - as we have reordered, and now received 1000 cd's! Yes, we are kinda hoping they go fast, but we are at least able to sell them to folks that want to buy 'em, to give them to venues and radio stations to promote the tunes, and give them to our kids - who just happen to be our biggest fans. btw -> it's pretty cool for your kids to really like what you do. :)

So there you have it - the reason for the wierd pic - we have cd's, they are shrink-wrapped (that's what that funky spider is on the top of the cd), and if you want one - you can buy it from us! Just hit the homepage, StrangeLand home page , click on the "Listen Here" link, and then you can buy with paypal. Only $5. Not bad for some good metal.

Ok, so I'm biased.

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