Sunday, December 11, 2005


Spector - finally!

Over the last couple of years I have been the webmaster for a site called I originally got started in web design by doing my band site, and then offering the service to other folks. I think my first customer was Stewart McKinsey. The man is a phenomenally talented, and very humble and down to earth, guy. When I *met* him - he was living in New Orleans - he has since moved to California - after great loss during Katrina - but is thankfully back to playing! Anyway - was introduced to Gregory Bruce Campbell from Stew - who wanted to get a website going for his Yahoo group - Extended Range Bassist. I spoke with Greg and developed a website and a forum. Still going - and the forum is very popular with the ERB folks. Well, with the web site - we started looking into getting some advertising support. Spector was one of our first. Through that, I was able to talk to both Stuart Spector and his right hand man, PJ Ruble. Both very nice guys - not to mention making the absolute best basses in the market!

I was able to hook up with them and get a Spector Euro LX, in natural maple. Oh, my, bass nirvana! This bass - being not only the first bass I have bought new - but one of the best basses I have ever played is absolutely gorgeous - plays like a dream - the string spacing is perfect - I love this bass! When I first got it - I couldn't put it down. I do my best to keep in in perfect condition - lemon oil the neck, clean it - wipe the strings down. . .

Eventually, I wanted to sell my Warwick - to get another Spector! I put the Warwick up online at a couple places, Talk Bass and I wanted to avoid the 'bay if at all possible. I had a few hits right away, and made contact with Tim - with whom I still talk occasionally today. Tim's a great bassist - and getting better, taking lessons from Bill 'The Buddha' Dickens! Anyway - Tim and I agreed to a swap - his Spector Euro for my Warwick Thumb NT - and a bit of cash to make up the price difference. He had installed an EMG three band pre-amp - which I thought killed the sound. He was nice enough to send the original Tone Pump (the Spector Pre-amp) with it. I had the Tone Pump installed in short order - and had a phenomenal bass! The main differences between it and the new Euro LX is that the Euro is a solid maple bodied bass, while the Euro LX is a maple top, with a thin layer of walnut - and maple wings. Sustains for days. The black/blue wasn't my favorite color - but it's growing on me. I still want a dark cherry one though. Those are way cool....

Here's pics of my babies. . .

Natural Euro LX 4 string neck through, EMG Pups, Tone Pump pre-amp (click for larger version):

My black beauty - Euro 4 string, neck through, EMG Pups, Tone Pump pre:

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  1. Lovely Spectors you've got there! I'm an owner of 3 ReBops DLXs (the "Euro"-built version of their bolt-on models) myself, a four-string EX "Exotic Top" Zebrawood-topped and 2 five-string FM "Figured Maple" Flamed Maple-topped fretted (in Black CherryBurst) & lined fretless (in Blueburst, very close to your "Black & Blue") basses. The *single* purchase of the fretted five-string turned into the 3 in short order when I quickly realized just how well they fit my playing style & tonal requirements (even though I recently did a complete pickup & preamp swap for custom-wound Nordstrand "Big Single" pups and Aguilar OBP-3 preamps). The ReBop line sometimes gets a bad rap simply for being the least expensive of the European-built instruments, but that's simply because a bolt-on neck take far less man-hours to make properly than the neck-through LXs. As a player who simply like the tone and "feel" of bolt-on basses compared to neck-throughs, the ReBops are actually GREAT values, especially on the used market. I'd love to pick up a USA Bolt-On one day, but I truly don't feel like I'm missing much playing the Euro Series.

    You're also dead-on about how helpful Stuart & PJ are towards their customers. I had a horrible experience custom-ordering my fretless and even though the issue with with the dealer and had nothing to do with Spector, because of the delivery time being *doubled* in end PJ was able to do me a solid and have my fretless custom-sprayed in Blueburst (which is NOT one of the standard ReBop colors) to go along with her "Sister" in Black Cherryburst. Since then they've beome 3 of my 5 "Main Basses", the other two being Mike Lull Modern 4 & 5s for when I'm going for the pure Jazz Bass sound. But between Spector and other smaller "Mom 'n Pop" companies it's been years since I've made a purchase from a Corporation in the Music Biz - why spend my money on an overpriced F*nder bass or Amp*g speakers when I can pick up the phone and speak to the OWNERS of most companies... which I've been able to do so with my "recent" purchases.

    Anyway, just happened to come across the Spector post in your blog and wanted to comment on them, and also to give you a big "thumb's up" on the mention/link to Sean Malone - I've had some e-mail conversations with him and he's a great guy as well as a stunning bassist/Stickist... nice taste you have there! :D