Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Gig!

The date finally came, and I got ready for my first gig with the Tali-Band. I'd been practicing with them for the last few weeks - and we had a couple weeks between gigs, so I think I was ready. :) One issue arose - that being that the night of our first gig there would be no alcohol served. Now - I'm not a big drinker - and I'm not an abstainer - but I know that when we play and folks are able to relax & drink - things go well. That's just how it is, my simple observation, nothing more.

So tonight was a bit more. . . reserved. Even the Spaniards were mellow! Ok, on to some pics from the night - and I'll try to explain as we go. . .

Here's the long view. Starting on the left - you've got John Bogart, on lead guitar. If you are wondering - yes, he is related to Tim - from Vanilla Fudge. Rocking guitar player - and he likes metal. We have fun. :) Between John and the tall guy is DJ - the drummer. Man - can that guy beat the skins!!! Has to be one of the better drummers I've ever played with - yes, that good. The guy is just amazing. Tall guy is Joe Rodriguez - he's the de facto leader of the band, more or less. To Joe's right is Cynthia Moore - what a fireball she is - there's a lot of (killer) voice in that little frame! She certainly has some soul in her! Then me - on the right there. With the bass neck. . . .

Yup - there I am. :)

Ok, here's a good front shot of the band. On the far left there you can see Sheyla Desault, trombonist par excellent, and near by behind her is "Big" Jim Hutton.

And off to the right there - is G$. That's pronounced "Gee Money". Cause he's so money. . . .

Great - and talented - group of folks.

I never would have guessed in a million years that I would meet such a talented group of folks in a war zone. And made some great friends - and memories I will treasure forever. :)

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  1. the first ever tali band gig was on new years eve 2007 we packed the milano with about 500 people over the course of the night, played 3 sets, roughly 30-40 songs. it was the best gig i had ever performed. i am LCP Andrew Bare (oridganal lead singer and one of the founder members of the band),i am glad the band lives on and still rocks. p.s. the name was also my idea lol