Thursday, May 21, 2009


Nope, not the US Naval call of universal distress - although some in my class might disagree - SOS in the USAF is for Squadron Officer's School. A CGO course - Company Grade Officers - course designed to "reblue" Captains, and designed as a mid-level course to teach officership, military history, leadership, team building, and a host of other topics of import to officers.

Not a bad class, overall. And not so much of the "military training" - you know, the yelling & screaming, and push up for punishment stuff. I'm glad - we can leave all that at OCS, OTS, or AMS - or basic training. I've had enough of that!

The best part, of course - was the networking. I was in a Class of 440, with 100 in my squadron, and 14 in my flight - including an oustanding officer from Romania, a MIG-21 pilot, no less.

My class was made up entirely of active duty officers, all captains save "Babon" - our Romanian pilot, who is a 1st Luitenant. I was the lone Guardsman, and the oldest by over 5 years.

We played flickerball, and studied, and gave briefings, and played war games. Problem solving was a huge part of it as well.

I'll have to post some pics up . . .

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