Friday, March 17, 2006

PA building, guitar rigs, & Cornerstone

Wow - the last couple of months have been simply amazing - absolutely amazing.

The guitarists have been blessed enough to be able to endorse Randall Amplification. They both have full stacks now - with Kevin G going for the tube head, and Kevin S going solid state. They both love them. Both heads are absolutely amazing. I have to say that being a tube guy myself - the solid state Randall head sounds truly wonderful - from a full out metal distortion ripping your head off - to a nice gentle clean sound - it does it all with ease. Very nice stuff - we are blessed.

We've also come into possession of a 15 passenger van. :) SO - when travelling now we can all travel in one vehicle. With a trailer, we can travel with all our own gear, including the PA. Nice. God is good!!

The PA has recently seen some updates. We now have 4 of the Peavy 2x15" speakers. We also have 2 x 18" subs - and we may be growing again. As it turns out - we'll be playing The Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL - one of the biggest, and I believe the first, Christian festivals around. This is absolutely huge. We will be playing the Sanctuary Tent - courtesy of our folks at Sanctuary International - yes, the folks from Bobfest!! - and we couldn't be more thrilled! We may be providing the sound as well. . . I'll keep you posted.

So - > keep July 5 - 8 open - come on down and check us out - I'm sure the weather will be grand! :)

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