Monday, April 10, 2006

Eternity X - New Bass

Wow - it's April already.

I've been trying to update monthly - if more folks are here and checking this out on a regular basis, I would be more than happy to update more often, I'm just not sure who all is reading. If you'd like to see more, more often, or whatever - hit me up with a comment. :)

Well, Terry Richards has been vying for a spot with the band Eternity X - and I'm pulling for him. We know know for sure until its announced on the band's website - > but IMHO - I think Terry is a shoe in. The guy has chops for days, can play circles around most of the bassists in the area (and beyond!) and he's a heck of a nice guy. Who better to fill in with a progressive metal band that has over 300,000 album sales to date?! I think it would be awesome! Check out Eternity X website - and when I get a chance - I'll post their myspace page too. Great stuff!

Spector sale:
Yup - I sold my beloved Euro. I had it listed on TalkBass for awhile - a couple trade offers - but I only want another Spector - not something else. Yup - single minded. :) I know what I like - and when I'm happy.

Why sell the Euro - well, to be honest - I have never been a fan of the color. Of all the colors Spectors come in - the only one I dislike more than the blue/black 'burst' is the natural with no figuring. Plain. Nothing wrong with it - just ain't for me. As a matter of fact - Karl absolutely loves the color of that bass. I also love the neck profile of the Euro LX - the Euro had a thicker neck profile - the difference was more fatigue as I played - not good. Especially after having my Carpal Tunnel surgery - I try to do all I can to minimize any future problems with my wrists. So, I sold it on eBay.

I have been talking to PJ over at Spector, and I 'special ordered' a replacement. :) I will soon be the owner of a ReBop 4REDLXFM. or something like that. It will be the Euro bolt on model, referred to as the ReBop, in figured maple - with the black cherry color - no burst - so the figuring and the color will be all over the bass. I'm very very psyched! To say the least. The pickup configuration will be a bit different - as the ReBop has EMG HZ soapbars - instead of the P/J configuration. So I'll have to see how that changes the sound. . . hopefully not much! I love my Spectors - and I'm just looking to add a bit more color - and anther palate of sound, so to speak, to my toolbox. I'll keep you posted.

Here's a nice shot of Terry with his new Spector - congrats!!

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