Saturday, June 24, 2006

Atlanta Bass Gallery

While in Georgia last week for a class (Theater Deployed Communications - a military class) I had a weekend free, so I drove up to Atlanta to take in the sites. I found the Atlanta Bass Gallery. Wow. That about sums it up! Jim Rubio - owner - had just about every high end bass you can think of - from US Spectors (of course my preference!!) to Ritters and Jerzy Drozd (oh my - these are some nice basses) to Eden (of course!) and then Accugroove and also EA, the new Sadowsky amps, Bag End - oh, my. Bass Heaven indeed!!

Jim was super - we talked for at least an hour, then I went and tried not to drool on all the wonderful basses he has in stock. I've never seen that many high end basses in person before - ever. Fodera, F Bass, NS Design (Ned Steinberger) EUBs - very nice - and I even finally got to play on a Barker! Roscoes, Warwick, Zon, Skjold, Pedulla, Parker, OH - The new MTD Zephyr!! - Modulus, Ken Smith, Mike Lull, Elrick - there were so many nice basses - wow. I was truly impressed.

The last straw - as if the store wasn't perfect already - was the supplies. He has every string manufacturer IN STOCK!! And he had some of the nicest straps I'd ever seen - yes, I'll be getting one. . . Eyeland was the name of one company's strap that was super nice - and then of course there's Levy's - and the Ritter straps were very cool as well - wide and made of some kind of "comfort material (Tempur)" - super comfortable.

Ok - I'll stop. If you are ever in Atlanta - stop by - you will be impressed.

Atlanta Bass Gallery
1584 Piedmont Ave
Atlanta, GA 30324

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