Monday, June 12, 2006

Tour of US Music (with Pics!!)

Well, with the festival coming upon us - yes, Cornerstone - we're working on building up the PA to it's optimum. We've added a couple more power amps, and went this past weekend to pickup our 4 new SoundTech 2 x 18s. Yes, four of them. Should sound good. Very good in fact. :)

While we were there, we were able to talk with our friends at US Music and we got a tour of the facilities! It was very cool. We were shown the places where they make the Washburn acoustics - by hand - and the Washburn electrics, the custom shop where the paint is applied - the drying facilities, the necks for the Parkers, the bodies, the pickups being wound, the CNC machines that cut out the bodies, the bare wood, the blanks for bodies and necks, the neck wood - well, you get the idea. Very cool. Here's some pics to document what we saw. . .

Here's some guitars going through the 'being built' phase. This was very cool to see - the guys at Washburn making guitars. Very cool...

Hmm what's this? An empty area where some new walls are . . .

Empty Eden Boxes - here's Eden cabs going through the process of being built - before they get carpet and speakers:

String Winding - these are the original string machines that DaVinci used - so yes, they wind their own strings:

This is a beautiful thing. . . wow - look at all that EDEN!!!!

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