Saturday, January 26, 2008

On my own

I went into work a bit early – as I was up around 4:30, and didn’t really sleep too much – and had some coffee getting ready for chow to open. Roger (Davis, MSgt) was my roommate, so we decided to head over to chow and eat. After eating we headed into the Comm Shack to ‘work’ – not knowing entirely what would commence.

Tom wouldn’t show up until about 10:00am that day. He was busy working – and as I didn’t have many questions yet – didn’t stick around much. He was off – and ready to get home.

Settling into work wasn’t too hard at first – being a comm. shack – since the comm. was working, there really wasn’t much for us to do. We found the 42” wide screen TV a nice way to pass the time – with the plethora of movies present – left behind by the 111th (ASOC – the guys we were replacing) as well as the AFN, or Armed Forces Network, our very own military cable company – that ran a movie channel, FoxNews, CNN, the Family Channel, and a few other various channels with sports, news, movies and TV shows. We had some paperwork to fill out – to get our access to the various computer networks that we needed for email and what not, and this also took time. Since we were the system administrators we were able to set up the accounts with the guys in the shop ourselves, but we had to be added to the correct groups before we were actually able to do that. So the first few days consisted of waiting for those accounts to be established so we could work. While they didn’t take that long, waiting to get back ‘on net’ was a wait. Being a computer guy, with no computer access – that was a bit difficult – but we had things to do. MG Kennedy had some issues that we were able to work on for him, and then we set about organizing the Comm Shack into *our* work environment – not the 111th’s.


  1. Hey as the 111th ASOC did, you guys have to decide what you will add to the collection to give your reliefs something cool to have when they come in real soon to send you off for greener pastures bro.

    Machine Gun Kevo

  2. One last thought upon closer exam of these pictures. Now you know my family is Army all the way but what I need to know is why there is and ARMY captains chair doing outside of your work bunker man???

    LOL Now that is just too darn funny bro. I expect to see you guys tape an airforce one out of paper over that for crying out loud.

    This coming from an all Army family guy. LOL

    Machine Gun Kevo