Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leaving. . . or not

Well, leaving certainly got interesting. While I know we're in an 'austere' environment, and I know we're in a war zone, but there are happenings that can still be surprising. Like, for example, being ready to leave and being told the airport is closed due to a rocket attack. That was a wake up call. . . we are in a war zone. This shouldn't surprise me. Goodness, we'd been through bunker calls, and many of those. . . but I guess it was just making the fact that I was trying to get out of here all the more obvious.

I was all packed - had all my gear stowed, not in as few bags as I wanted - but still less than when I came. I had lots of gifts & things, so I guess its understandable. & my bass. :) So the night prior, when I'm getting my out-processing completed, I have everything in a bag, somewhere - save what I was going to wear, and certain toiletries, so I'd be ready first thing in the am. I was to leave . . . early.

I went to bed around normal time for me - about 10:30 - after Leigh, my roommate, had returned from work. He was on the 'net - so I figured I'd catch up with email in the am. No worries. I put on the iPod, and got ready to listen quietly as I fell asleep.

I slept - well, like I usually do - dead to the world, until around 0400. Then I was wide awake. I don't know why - but the last couple of weeks, I keep waking up early - for no reason, and can't get back to sleep. Ok, so I put on some tunes, and chill. At least it wasn't 0300 like a couple days ago. I decide to check a bit of email, and catch up - and then hit the shower. I get back, it's still early, so I decide to catch Scott at the shack - I had one last coin to pass out.

Maybe I should explain about the coins. Coins are a way to show someone in the military appreciation for a job well done. I picked up 5 of the ISAF coins to pass out to the guys that worked for me as a small token of appreciation for a most excellent job. They all worked very hard - and deserved something - I thought this was nice.

So I was on my way to the shack to see if I could catch Scott and give him the coin, and I saw Ken on the way there. He told me the airport was closed. . . Ok, I thought. That's a bit odd. I went in to the shack and found out it had taken a couple rockets overnight, and was closed. Wow - that's just great. I went on to find Scot - who was on the roof going over the comm info for MSgt Davis - his replacement. When a break came - after a few minutes, since they were deeply involved in a technical discussion - I 'coined' him. He was suitably impressed, and thankful. I congratulated him on a job well done, and we left the roof.

We got back downstairs and had some decisions to make, some discussions we needed to have, and some coordinating to find out - when we were leaving!

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