Thursday, May 01, 2008

Queen's Day

The Dutch have a Queen's day celebration, and we were all invited -and the band was asked to play - so of course, we accepted. We even learned Radar Love, as it turns out, Golden Earring is from The Hague.

The party started earlier than we were to play, so we took a bit to wander around the Distille Gardens and see what all was happening. There was traditional dutch food, which was quite tasty, even the pickled herring! Very good. There were also other treats, a rye like very heavy bread, and some desserts. They also had some traditional games - like the jeans hang, and some type of jousting that was done with pillows over a pool of water.

The folks were very friendly, and the band was rocking. Here's some photos from the event to enjoy.

Oh- as a side note, we had our CD's for sale for the first time at this event. We sold out fairly quickly as we only had 200 made (2 cd's each - a live and a no crowd live/studio). Along with donations, we made over $1500.00US for Women of Hope Project. I'd call that a success!

T-shirts are also in. We should be selling them this Thursday at the Canadians Casino Night!

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