Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Tali-Band on myspace

Yes - that is correct! We have created a Tali-Band Myspace page!

For those of you that haven't ventured down yet (as in, down the blog - to see the older posts) - I was a member of the band, affectionately known as "The Tali-Band" while I was stationed at HQ ISAF (HeadQuarters, International Security Assistance Force) Kabul, Afghanistan. The ISAF is the name of the organization set up by NATO to assist the Afghans in gaining control of their country from Al Quaida and the taliban.

Long story short, for New Years Eve 2008, some ingenious folks - that also happened to be musicians - got together and decided to come up with some entertainment for the troops stationed at HQ ISAF. The band did so well, and the crowd reacted so positively, that the band stuck around. Even thought the membership seems to change frequently, there are enough talented folks - from all over the world (or at least from NATO countries) to keep the band going. I left HQ ISAF in late May of this year - 2008 - and the band was still going strong.

Something we decided to do while I was part of the band, was record a CD, and sell T-Shirts to benefit a local charity. We picked The Women Of Hope Project, located in Kabul. The Women of Hope operate to really make a difference in the lives of the folks they help. They do not simply provide money to the needy - instead they foster self-dependance, and a steady stream of income. For women, they teach a variety of crafts, including sewing and needlepoint - where they will make dolls, clothing, pashminas, jewelry and other goods, and sell them on military bases and at markets around the country. For men, they teach carpentry and masonry. The folks in Afghanistan are hungry for change - and the desire to help themselves. Betsy and the Women of Hope make that happen!

The Tali-Band helped by recording a double CD (live and 'studio' - which was the Milano Restaraunt on base), and getting T-Shirts printed up (in Chicago, no less - thanks Windy City Screenprinting!) - and selling them to military & civilians on base.

By the time I left the country, we had raised nearly $10,000.00 for the charity (it takes $100.00US to train one man in a skill - for the women, the time is a bit longer, but difficult to put a dollar amount on).

Please visit the website, and make a donation!

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