Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Name Change

Well, StrangeLand has been going strong for just around 8 years now. We have only made on personnel change in that entire time - when Karl left the band, and Jeremy joined. Since that time, we have been writing - and getting ready to release a full length CD on the world.

As we have been contemplating what form we will take - and how we plan to get out in the world and spread the metal madness - we talked about where we want to play, the type of music (Metal, of course) and how we want to stay power metal, and maybe get into some progressive elements; Jeremy really brings that out.

So we have been bantering about some names for about 5 or 6 months. Last practice we came up with a short list of 3. We are looking into legalities, making sure we aren't using a name anyone else is, copyright stuff, etc etc. All the business end of naming a band. Fun.

Anyway - I hope to have an announcement to make within the next week or so - and Jeremy will also - in his blog (check the links out on the right).

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  1. I rather like Strangeland. It's unique and already known.