Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leaving the ASOS

Well, I guess I'm an overage.

If that doesn't sound odd enough - what happens is even stranger - but turned out well for me. The ASOS I was part of . . . ok, wait - here's the history.
182 ASOC
182 ASOG
182 ASOS
168 ASOS
So, while I was in the same unit - we went through some changes. My last assignment was at the 168 ASOS - at which point I was 'unnecessary'. :) We had 2 Comm Officers - and only needed one. The way it tends to work in the guard - or at least on my base - is that overage folks are traded about. So - the commander of my unit brokered a deal with the commander of another unit - and I'm now officially in the 264th Combat Communications Squadron.

So - what does this mean for me? Well, first off - I think its a good move. Don't get me wrong - I like all the folks that I worked with and deployed with at the 168th. Great folks. But I think I have more opportunities for leadership development, i.e. career, within the 264th. I'm thinking any deployments will be a bit different as well. We don't go to sustain front line communications - but then again, I'm just learning about our mission and my role.

Also - all I can say is goodbye and good riddance to Lord Valdemort!!!!
Those from Afghansitan know exactly what I mean. . . . :D

Oh - and Tom Riddle. . . fare thee well also.

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